CFD is a popular way of online trading

A CFD (or Contract for Difference) is a well known and popular way of trading. CFDs offer a higher level of leverage than other forms of trading, starting with as low a margin requirement as 2% right up to as much as 20%. They should have enough experience and expertise to know what suits the trader best. The current disadvantages of the ASX exchange traded CFDs and lack of liquidity means that most Australian traders still opt for over-the-counter CFD providers. Calling stop loss at the right time and reducing losses is important because a CFD trader knows that he needs to live to fight another day.

Variation margin can, therefore, have either a negative or positive effect on a CFD trader’s cash balance. It is also to be noted that CFD trading is as much risky as it is profitable and not suitable for beginner traders. In this case, the CFD provider would pay the equivalent of the dividend to anyone holding a long CFD position and deduct the equivalent from anyone holding a short position. Financing Cost - CFD is more suited for traders adopting short to mid term swing or momentum trading strategies than for investors who adopt a long term buy and hold” strategy as CFD brokers impose a financing cost on the contract value.

Instead, what the trader does is to initiate a contract between himself and the CFD broker whereby he agrees to be paid (in the case of profit) or pay (in the case of a loss) the difference in price when the contract is closed. One of the similarities with spread betting is that although there is an expiry date of the contract, it can be closed by early by either party – the private trader or CFD broker. An online broker that the trader chooses to trade CFDs should have a deep knowledge of the markets and match the traders’ needs when the market changes. CFD brokers, like spread betting companies, offer their clients the ability to trade using leverage. Market makers operate traditional spread bets where the trader must trade against the CFD provider, and on their displayed prices. In the UK the CFD market mirrors the financial spread betting market and the products are in many ways the same.

The majority of CFD brokers offer a choice of products across all of the major global markets, allowing investors to make trades in any market that they choose from the broker’s own trading platform. It is rare for fees to be charged by trading CFDs and many brokers charge no commissions on entering or exiting a CFD trade. Some financial commentators and regulators have expressed concern about the way that CFDs are marketed at new and inexperienced traders by the CFD providers. No Shorting Rules or Borrowing StockCertain markets have rules that prohibit shorting at certain times, require the trader to borrow the instrument before shorting or have different margin requirements for shorting as opposed to being long. While trading short can be an issue in some kinds of assets, markets, and exchanges, there is never an issue in trading long or short when it comes to CFD trading.

The CFD providers started to expand to overseas markets with CFDs being first introduced to Australia in July 2002 by IG Markets and CMC Markets. Depending on whether the trader is holding long or short positions, he could be paying or receiving interest while the CFD contract is still open. DMA CFDs can be more expensive as the CFD provider needs to cover the exchange transaction fees
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The main points of appeal for bitcoin gambling

one of the world’s first online experts said last September: “The single biggest positive development in online gambling over the past decade has been the invention of bitcoin. There’s simply nothing that has so democratized the online payment system for both gambling operators and gamblers.”
One of the first successful businesses on the bitcoin ecosystem was Satoshi Dice, a provably fair gambling site that at its best accounted for more than 50 percent of all bitcoin transactions. today, bitcoin gambling sites are even more popular. Unlike the Euro, USD etc, bitcoin does not exist in a form of coins or notes, merely as digital information
The main advantages of bitcoin gambling are:
fast fund withdrawals,
provable fairness
very low fees (usually 1 percent, sometimes lower),
no personal info required.
Speed: transactions are confirmed very quickly
Unregulated/unregistered/unstoppable anonymous transactions -thus, Who plays in a country where online poker or casino games fall into a gray area here has an additional protection.

As the first digital currency that is regulation-resistant, bitcoin has attracted entrepreneurs who want to try their luck in areas that are legally vague or completely illegal. One example of dark web-market
Another example is, of course, the dark web markets, which are online shopping sites that operate in “the dark web”, The Silk Road website was the first such e-commerce site.
many poker players claim that the level of poker players in bitcoin poker sites is relatively low since most of them are bitcoin enthusiasts and not poker savvy. I love to play at Calm poker and Ethereum Casino

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CFD Trading presents several key advantages to investors

CFD Trading presents several key advantages to investors
CFD stands for Contracts for Difference, a CFD instrument reflects the price fluctuations of the underlying asset and it allows speculation on future market movements of financial assets. those assets can be stocks, indices, commodities, currencies and more. the best of CFD trading is that you can invest in so many different markets at the same place.

Another good thing with CFD trading is that there are very high leverage opportunities for all.
some brokers offer up to 1:400 leverage
Such leverage, of course, creates opportunities to earn even more money and even by small price movements of the underlying instrument. But what is also very important to know is that when you pledge your purchase, you are also required to cover any falls that may occur. With some CFD broker may be liable for more than what you originally had as a safety so you have to be very careful if we are to deal with this kind of leverage.
Many people probably think that this leverage ratio is quite high, but in the CFD world is actually quite low,

The biggest reason that I take care of my trading via CFD trading is leverage for I am very cautious. I think the best thing is that you can access to take positions in the things that you are hard to do through his usual custody account. There may be things like oil and basically all the different commodities, indices worldwide, currencies worldwide this list could be very long, but I think you take my point. It’s also just as easy to speculate that an instrument will go up as it is for it to go down, it requires no short-selling agreements or similar so it’s very smooth.

with CFD one can receive the dividend or be forced to pay the dividend if he has speculated that shares / CFD will go down when it’s time for the dividend. A CFD also moves exactly the same as the underlying asset, whether you bought the CFD shares or otherwise.
Another important issue is how CFD trading are taxed?
In Sweden, there is 30% tax rate on any profit that is made and there is also the option to deduct profits against losses.
There are of course some methods to get around this with taxation as selecting a CFD provider abroad
Most providers offer a demo account so there are good opportunities to take a test drive before you decide and deposit some real money.
We created this CFD brokers list in order to help investors choose a CFD broker.
24option provides Up to 89% Return on a Single Trade.

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ICO to crack down on personal data usage in online gambling Marketing

The ICO,(Information Commissioner’s Office) seeks information from 400 online gambling companies over spam texts.Online gambling providers and affiliates face probe over nuisance text messages: Investigation over claims companies are using personal details of customers
An investigation has been launched by the ICO into allegations that online gambling providers are bombarding millions of people with spam text messages and emails. There are concerns that hundreds of the gambling marketing companies are using private numbers and personal details illegally to promote online gambling websites
The Information Commissioner’s Office has warned 400 online gambling operators it believes are using personal data to promote their websites. The ICO is demanding these companies explain how they obtained people’s personal information
In a statement, the regulatory body announced it will write to companies demanding to know how they use such details and send marketing texts, including how they obtained the information and how many texts they send.


BitCoin Futures Exchange

Bitcoin price is extremely volatile. If an investor owns Bitcoins, it is a good idea to open PUT options positions as a hedge. For Example., if a trader has 3.54 BTC and is concerned that the price may fall, he can buy 354 standard put options with the current BTC/USD price as the strike price. His risk is then totally hedged because all possible loss of your 3.52 BTC will be compensated by the profit of the put options.

If an investor predicts the price will rise, you can either buy a call option or sell a put option. Contrarily, if he predicts the price will decline, he can either buy a put option or sell a call option.
Volatility trading
Foretelling the market direction is usually hard while foretelling the volatility could be simpler sometimes. Via options, investors can trade volatility.
Long volatility
If BTC/USD exchange rate is now 500, and a trader understands the volatility will be high, he can simultaneously buy a CALL option with a strike price equal to 520 and a PUT option 480. Then he will be able to take a profit no matter which direction the BTC/USD exchange rate goes in as if it goes above 520, the CALL option will win, and if the price goes below 480, the PUT option will win.
Short volatility
If the BTC/USD exchange rate is currently USD 500, and the trader identify the volatility will be flat, he can simultaneously buy a PUT option with a strike price of USD 520 and a CALL option at USD 480. Then the trader will be able to make a profit no matter which direction the BTC/USD exchange rate moves. As long as the price is within the range of 480 USD and 520 USD, his options will win.

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