Video: The World without Romania

September 16, 2011 No comments »

Sa-mi mai spuna careva ca nu e mandru ca e roman!

Focus on now

January 20, 2011 No comments »

One of the many things the web is changing is our focus on now. It’s increasing. Offering a reward in three months just isn’t going to cut it. If you want me to get out of bed or brush my teeth or click on your link, there better be something waiting for me on the other side.

De aici

Object of desire #1: Kindle 3

January 12, 2011 No comments »

Disponibil acum si in Romania, “noul” (la noi) Kindle este gadgetul perfect daca doresti sa ai intr-un singur loc si la indemana intreaga colectie de carti, diverse documente etc.

5  Motive:

1.  Iti poti tine intr-un singur loc o sumedenie de carti (cca. 3500), documente, chiar si muzica

2. Suport pentru fisierede tip .doc, .pdf, .html, .jpeg, .gif etc.

3.  Ecranul E-Ink ce imita foarte bine banala foaie de hartie, astfel ca nu obosesti precum ai face-o daca ar fi sa citesti exact acelas text pe un ecran LCD (laptop, tableta, etc)

4. Durata de viata a bateriei (pana la 3 saptamani pentru varianta cu Wi-Fi si 10 zile pentru Kindle 3G)

5. Sa nu uitam si latura eco a gadgetului; (“Economisind hartia salvam padurea” – vorba unui clasic in viata :) )

Cand prea multor oameni le place ideea ta, atunci ai o problema

January 11, 2011 No comments »

Daca prea multor oameni le place ideea ta, inseamna ca ai o problema:

…ideas from some of today’s biggest companies (Google, Skype, eBay) were laughed at by investors when they tried to secure early funding. If everyone likes your idea, according to Jurvetson, maybe it’s just not that “big” of an idea. In fact, if most people don’t like your idea, that can be a great thing as long as you find one person who truly loves it.

De aici!