Hi-Fi stories

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This is a commercial from 1986, for a CD system from Aiwa. You won’t see anything like it now. Just read the ad.



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Omen III, The Final Conflict

Wednesday, 22. June 2011 16:16 | Author:

The Final Conflict is an amazing movie. In fact, its climax is so complex, vast, so intricate that at first it feels like it is the prodigy of an extraterrestrial intellect. It’s like some inhuman entity that objectively sees and analyses humans and manipulates them as puppets putting them in extremely sensitive situations conspired to that incredible ending.

First of all, this is NOT a horror movie in the classic sense. In fact it only has one let’s say horror-like scene, but that wouldn’t scare a six-years old these days. Damien’s religious/anti-religious rants could seem excessive and out of place today but not only they add to the magic this movie breathes but are of paramount importance to its climax.

It’s really astonishing that THAT ending was conceived by a human mind.  Humans are really capable of God-like thoughts.

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