Au mai ramas 4 zile! Studiaza manualul, sambata dam examen! :)

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Ziua de 25 septembrie va reprezenta intr-adevar un test pentru romani: suntem sau nu in stare sa ne unim pentru o cauza comuna? Si tot secretul absolvirii sta in a nu te gandi la ce scrie cel de langa tine. Poate el o sa vina, poate nu. Sambata, important este sa participi tu! Si daca mai convingi o mana de prieteni intre timp, cu atat mai bine! Ai nota 10 garantat! :)

Noutatea zilei este ca avem in sfarsit gata manualul de curatenie:

Si lista punctelor de inregistrare din fiecare judet:

In plus, cei inregistrati pe site au fost harnici in “adoptarea” mormanelor, astfel ca harta deseurilor incepe incet-incet sa se inverzeasca:

Din pacate, insa, destule sunt si zonele rosii, care corespund in mare parte judetelor cu participare scazuta. Topul actualizat, azi 21 septembrie, al judetelor in functie de numarul de echipe inscrise poate fi consultat aici:

Azi vrem sa adresam multumiri speciale celui mai baban :D sponsor si sustinator LDIR: Konika Minolta, care acopera toate necesitatile de imprimare ale proiectului la nivel national si, la fel de important, si-a mobilizat toti angajatii pentru marea curatenie! :)

Iar pe final va las in compania unui nou set de testimoniale LDIR pe care sa le vizionati, de care sa va bucurati si pe care sa le dati mai departe! Nu uitati nici de invitatiile catre prieteni – inca 2.000 si ajungem prima cauza din RO pe FB! (si sa vezi atunci mandrie! :D ) – Cornel Ilie, VUNK – Zoli, SISTEM – Calin Goia, VOLTAJ – KUMM – Partizan

Let’s Do It, Romania! AMR 4 Zile!

Too poor to buy something cheap

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I’m not sure if it’s a wise enough criteria to chose between two things looking first at price tag. I know for sure that a more expensive product is not necessarily the better one. But sometimes price is the only criteria we hold in hand.

Of course, for the vast majority of buyers, shopping doesn’t aim for highest price, but on the contrary. Regardless of our status, rich or poor, we are all bargain amateurs and of sales term. They sell in a grotesque frenzy a whole bunch of cute useless knick-knacks, whereas real jewelry “rust” over in shelves for years and years. Any woman in the world longs to reek havoc as soon as she feels the smell of spring varnished with sales. In this period high tag stores pull out for sale with discount, collections previous season of which they sold only 30 – 35 %.

But still the old saying, I’m too poor to buy something cheap certifies now more than ever, often wise and true. How many times do we dig through what we acquired in time, we pout and realize in the end that those things we spent more money on come to more use to us on bigger time line.

Every time we tidy up our wardrobe of old things, the most frequent thought coming in our mind is that expensive dresses, that old black suit, famous brands blouses, high quality lingerie, fine material shoes are still the ones fighting time and still are fashionable time and time again.

I’m not part of the type putting a big price on clothing and accessories and I do not say this with pride. Sometimes I get annoyed for not being able to learn to value myself more, in such a way in which I should feel entitled any luxury. But I am the first one always sidelined by myself from any list and the first usually to be stingy when buying anything for my own use. In change, I buy everything without discernment my “children” would ever need, probably seeing bits of me in everyone of them, bits that haven’t smiled at all at the designated time, and I am the one to fix that.

Money doesn’t buy you a life, but occasionally they buy time. Time that if we keep in count that we are too poor to buy something cheap, it should be used in shopping expensive apparel that we can can if possible, our entire life, same as we want to keep our loves. Our beautiful loves, memories of which we seek for in our sheltered drawers, where we house the priceless things and not shiny sparkly knick-knacks.