cosmin on May 28th, 2011

Today I started jogging after a long break.  For my first run I chose to take the tour of the Versailles Castle (probably around 5-6 km) and it was quite nice. The good thing is that after you get in shape just a little bit, you start to enjoy more the scenery, and honestly in Versailles there are plenty of nice places to look at. I took some photos with my cell phone in the way back :)

Versailles Gardens

Versailles Gardens

Versailles Castle

Versailles Castle

Keeping in shape is good for mind and body :) … as the Latin proverb says it so well: “Mens sana in corpore sano“.

If things are not going how you would want them to go, at least be happy (they could go even worse :) )

Why be happy when things are simply going bad?

Be happy, because in the future they can be either better or even worse. In the case they will be better, why not be happy in advance? In the case things will get worse, then you have all the reasons to enjoy the not so bad moments :) .

Either way it’s far better to be happy, optimistic and focused on making things better, than just to be struggling to improve and being unhappy most of the time.

I hope you will understand and embrace the wisdom of optimism. Just try it and I can assure you will see life’s experiences in far brighter nuances…the nuances of happiness…

cosmin on July 13th, 2009

Live life as you have never did before. Embrace it with all your being. Don’t just live worrying about every thing; just permit yourself to act naturally.

Seize every moment and enjoy every minute of every part of your life, either good or less good. Don’t wait for the perfect moments to enjoy life and to allow yourself to be your authentic you. You might just live the best moments of your life right now, but you are to busy living in a closed mindset to be able to see them.

Real deal

Just make the most of now! Go live your dream! Go do that silly thing you where thinking about! There are no excuses. There are only made up excuses. You either do it or you don’t. You either live to your true potential or you don’t. Don’t hide form the glorious life, being content with a plain and monotonous life, just go live in your best possible way, don’t hesitate, not even for a moment and never avoid actions because of invented excuses.

You don’t need to do, what you do to get recognition, to be paid more or for any other reason, but to be accomplished by being your authentic self.

If you live with this mindset it won’t be long until your action will be dedicated in a certain extent to supporting others and your deeds will undoubtedly help others, either directly or indirectly if you take this path. Only a life lived in the service of others, at least to some extent, it’s a truly fulfilling life. No selfish act will give you a long term satisfaction and you will never be really accomplished without doing something for others.

Meaning and satisfaction is found primarily in a mix of selfish actions directed at keeping yourself in good mental and physical health and selfless actions where you help directly or indirectly others accomplish one or both this actions.

To make it short, you have no excuses to avoid living a fulfilling life, to not being resourceful and not using what you have. You don’t need to wait for anything else, just make the most of now.

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cosmin on May 28th, 2009

Happiness is always a choice. It depends on your attitude even more than on contexts. Be happy…be simply…is one of the business logos I love the most.

At least for a while try to let go of your worries and be happy …be simply!

Being inspired

Today I swimmed 2.5 km and ate raw broccoli and carrots for the first time and I feel great :) . I can assure you it’s better than eating hamburgers and watching a movie :-) .  I challenge you to try it yourself. Before today I barely could swim 30-40 meters in breaststroke without stopping. It’s a while since I wanted to learn to swim breaststroke style and now I’ve did it! Probably I was a little bit inspired as well by an unusual news. Yesterday I read on BBC New that a 56-year-old American woman swimmed in 24 days the Atlantic (3.380 km). Isn’t that amazing ? Later that day I told to some of my friends about the news and one of them as she knows I am a little crazy and very optimistic she joked asking if I wanted to swim the Atlantic as well. I smiled and said I can barely swim :) . The next day at my swimming class I had no plans of swimming such a long distance and probably not even the hope to learn to swim properly the breaststroke style, but the fact that I was amazed and inspired by that woman’s performance must have contributed as well to my improvement.

I have a suggestion for you. Better than watching and reading about all the pessimistic and other crappy news it’s probably more interesting to watch and read those news that show you the human kind potential, because who knows you might just get inspired.

This is a proof I really ate raw broccoli and carrots :-)

This is a proof I really ate raw broccoli and carrots :-)

Get and keep being inspired,


cosmin on February 3rd, 2009

It’s snowing. This is one of the best winters ever. I am enjoying every moment sking almost everytime I get a chance to do so :) . Until 3 weeks ago I’ve never touched a ski and yet even before I knew ski was one of my favourite sports. It was just like love at first site and now the love story continues :) . After 2 days of alpine ski at Super Besse, Thursday I am going to do some cross-country ski again between two classes from 13.30 to 17.30. It’s so cool being close to the mountains :) . Now I love even more Auvergne and it’s mountains :) .

Have a shiny day,

cosmin on January 27th, 2009

The second time on TV… this time on France 3 on news. I have proof I was in Italy and in France now :) .

If you want to see me on TV on France 3 click on the link above. I appear only for 3-4 seconds :) when I am responding to a question (Probably you are wondering if I did a mistake when I wrote “question”, seeing I was in the public, but actually to my amazement, this was the first time in a conference when I was asked a question :) . I did give my opinion on some aspects 30 min before, but nonetheless that is pretty cool to be asked questions in a conference by people you don’t know…it lifts the morale seeing your opinion matters. :) ). If you want to fast-forward …I appear at the minute 6.12 form 7.50 minutes :) .

All the best and until the next time don’t forget to be optimistic ….at least most of the time if not always :) ,


cosmin on January 20th, 2009

Super weekend at Bessans – Val Cenis

For those who don’t know, Val Cenis is where the last Biathlon World Championship took place (near Mont Blanc and Switzerland).
I will keep this short, because right now, time it’s an even more rare resource than usual :) . It was a really nice adventure to do approximatively 40-50 km of cross-country ski and several descents on some nice slopes. Even though at first I was mostly on the ground :) after I got the hang of it I really started to feel the exhilaration of sliding on steep slopes at high speeds and amazingly without falling :) .

If you ever want to do some cross-country ski, know that Val Cenis is one of the best places in France to do that.

Before even touching a ski I told to several of my friends that ski is one of my favorite sports and now I can confirm that and maybe say even more… I am in love…with skiing :) . Thursday, Friday and next Monday I will be on the slopes either alpine skiing or cross-country skiing and I already booked a place for another weekend of ski.

I will enjoy every moment until 1st of April when I will begin my internship, mixing ski with other sports I enjoy like swimming and martial arts and with studying as well :) .

At this moment I have in my head a song that a friend from Uruguay told me about and it’s something like “mañana va a ser un gran día te lo digo yo” For those who don’t understand Spanish it means more or less “tomorrow will be a great day I can tell you that”. By the type of ones thoughts you can understand how he feels and his degree of optimism at one moment and I think that song describes perfectly my state of mind :) .

All the best and don’t forget to make the most of now,

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cosmin on December 31st, 2008

Happy new year and may all your wishes come true !

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cosmin on December 6th, 2008

The first word that comes to my mind right now is WOW and the second is WOW and the third the same. Today I participated to a mini karting race. It lasted about 10-15 minutes but the experience it was so intense that it seemed a lot longer. Going from 0 to 70 in 3 or 4 seconds is not something I do daily:), actually I never did it.

I was the fasted on the track but thanks to some girls that weren’t very fast I had do slow down or do some cool overtakings touched the tires on the side several times:).

Karting it’s something I defenetly have to do again… it’s one of the most exciting things I ever did. I only got to 67 km per hour, but I know now why some people love this type of sport…it’s kinda addictive.

I suggest you to always go for your dreams, no matter how small or bizarre they might be and when you think you had a monotonous life for to long, just do something different, no matter how insignificant it might be, because that might trigger a chain reaction that could lead you to having the life you truly desire.

All the best,