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What’s your home-made Utopia?

Do you prefer Romanian? Here’s the Romanian version of this article.

While talking to a friend about the kind of society we’d like to live in, I realised the conversation was engaging and stimulating for me and decided to extend it, including more people. Namely, those who read my blog :)

Here’s what I’m curious to find out from you:

1) How would you describe the society you dream living in? Be as specific as you can. I’m not looking for big words, but for concrete characteristics. Also, I’m not looking for many traits of such a society; one is enough, as long as you can mention it clearly and it’s important for you.

2) What do you concretely do in order to bring your contribution to the existence / emerging of such a society? If the answer is “Nothing”, then what will you do for it and starting from when?

The questions from (2) are, I’ll admit it, not just for my curiosity. They’re also a way to encourage mostly those answers that are authentic (cause if you want that society, you’re willing to do something for it, right?), reasonably realistic (if you can do something for it, it means it’s not completely unrealistic, even if it may seem unfeasible for others) and have a potential to inspire others for taking concrete steps towards their own dream-society.

You’re welcome to post comments to this article; you don’t need to create an account, just enter a valid e-mail address – it won’t show up on the site and I promise not to spam you :) . Or if you’d like to have a guest post* on this topic on my blog, tell me!

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