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How to be a grown-up

1. Have strong opinions. Have very strong opinions. The more of them, the better.

Have strong opinions about complex issues like global warming, the financial crisis or the future of the European Union. Never mind that you’re not an expert in any field related to the topic you’re addressing. And never mind facts, you can draw conclusions without them!

Have strong opinions about everybody else, especially about what they should do. Whether it’s about what the president should say next, about how your neighbours should raise their children, about who your best friend should date or about what your partner should feel – you know it! No need to listen to these others and try to understand their own experience, just go ahead and spill your wisdom all over everybody!

Have strong opinions about things that don’t make any real difference to your own life. Is that famous singer gay? Will those two celebrities get back together? Is that guy over there wearing a wig? Never mind that life is short and it’s your job to make it meaningful; you just have to dedicate time and energy to matters like these!

2. Voice your opinions. As often and loudly as possible. If anybody else is trying to say something, just keep talking as long and as loud as it’s needed for them to stop talking.

3. Convince others of your opinions. If they don’t agree with you, they’re just being immature, ungrateful or deceptive – show them! If they don’t have an opinion on the matter, you must certainly save them from their ignorance!

As you can see, I have strong opinions about very opinionated people. Does this make me a grown-up? Sarcasm aside, I’m aware we all have our opinions, our biases, our need to be right, our need to feel in control. I just get so tired of it all when facing judgement that outweighs curiosity, empathy and contemplation.