Commercial Laser Production

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Stainless steel because of its strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, the surface does not fade for a long time, the color with different angles of light will produce color changes and other characteristics, is widely used in decorative engineering industry. For example, in a variety of top clubs, public public leisure places and other places in the decoration of the decoration, used as curtain wall, hall wall, elevator decoration, signs advertising, front screen and [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Laser Technology

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Laser as an advanced processing tool, has more and more widely in the industrial production plays a pivotal role. With the continuous development of 3000mw laser pointer technology, its by virtue of the processing quality, processing complexity, processing efficiency and clean environmental protection and other advantages, not only in the stainless steel, copper, alloy and other metal materials processing favored, but also in the glass , Ceramics, sapphire, semiconductor silicon wafers, PCB board and other non-metallic materials [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Laser Scanning Projection Technology

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Can you imagine that the current science and technology can put dozens of kilograms of 3000mw green laser radar into a piece of chips smaller than the nail cover and can do the same work? Using the new century’s integrated circuits and 3D processing technology, a small chip can carry more than any of our previous functions, and the potential application of this technology also let the chip giant crowded his head to acquire the relevant technology. [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Bifunctional Nanorods LED

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Due to the emergence of new LED arrays that can simultaneously transmit and detect light, mobile phones and other devices may soon be able to control and use ambient light for charging with contactless gestures. The light emitting diodes made of tiny nanorods arranged in a thin film can generate new interactive functions and multi tasking devices. “The LED is a start, so that the display to achieve something completely different, in addition to display [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Application and Analysis of Two – dimensional Laser Marking System

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Two-dimensional code is the product of electronic technology under the intelligent, compared to the bar code and string contains the information is more widely used in information dissemination and industrial information control field. In the industrial field is often used for information retrospective, control, this paper mainly to explain the two-dimensional code 2000mw laser pointer marking system and the application of the role. A product from the storage, production, testing, a library, to the hands of consumers [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Laser Metronome Achieve New Record

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According to the German electron synchrotron National Laboratory (DESY) official website news reports, recently, scientists for a kilometer level network to establish the world’s most accurate metronome. Timing system will be a total length of 4.7 kilometers of the cheap laser pointer microwave network for 18 hours of uninterrupted synchronization, the synchronization accuracy of up to 950 seconds (a second is 10-18 seconds). The synchronization system can be used in the most advanced X ray ultrafast imaging, [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Hello world!

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