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linkuri catre nicaieria

Simt de parca fortez limitele . stiu ca am ajuns la limita si toate incurajarile ma impulsioneaza sa trec peste limite. Cum eram toti candva … Chiar cerul era asa de albastru iar in noaptea asta n am mai stat niciodata as ape mult doar altfel…altfel?
Zilele trecute cineva imi spunea cum ca e o crima sa spui adevaru in zilele astea si alta data eram deacord cu multa usurintza.

It created a sort of uneasiness because now im the one to think about things I never thought they will happen. receipe:
Nu trebuie sa trebuiesti! Lasa DORINTZELE inceteaza sa ti mai impui, inceteaza sa mai doresti si atunci flowul capata sens.
Cum e cand te scuturi de tot, si ramai numai tu . date pe dos si baga un ochi inauntru undei cald si bezna. Acolo e linistea si bucuria de a pluti invizibil. Apoi pune te pe fatza hai napoi in iluzia megatronico-haoscaliptica. Atunci o sa ti treaca filmele astea de copil adormit cu spusul adevarului. Tu te joci cu tot ce se intampla, tu tzeshi asa cum vrei firu, pui ce culori si experiente vrei, sunt doar acele reguli pamantene de respectat pe care daca consideri prea grele atunci iar ajungem la INCETEAZA SA DORESTI. ☺ hai fi bine te pup ma
—io pe mine imi pup picioru ,azi, maine iar imi dau cu sunatoare ca steaua 7 e fututa rau si ma tot lupt cu ea anu asta. DOMOL< INCETISHOORR. venus a trecut jupiter e incruntat si portocaliu si o arde gangsta 2012.

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typical cage fright

Sometimes theres a white stripe on top of my sight. I think it should be red? But this happens only sometimes. The rest of the times I think I see things without the stripe. It s a stupid stripe anyways. Now, listening to a guitar played by jimi and nobody alse, just listen to those [...][...]

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icon bycon, thoughts of an unperturbed mind

I think I lived as a coward so far…. Is it possible to twist it/? I really really think im going to go insane but I like it and you know why? Because I can do what fucking ever I want I ll have the best excuse to do a lot of shit so there [...][...]

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true at first light

” In Africa a thing is true at first light and a lie by noon and you have no more respect for it than for the lovely, perfect weed-fringed lake you see across the sun-baked plain. You have walked across that plain in the morning and you know that no such lake is there. But [...][...]

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we’re in need of a Red Stripe here’

It’s 10 a.m. and the Poc-Na singing birds already started the jamming session so I’m ought to go downstairs, give a morning kiss to everybody, while doña Berta much earlier then she should, explains to me all my afternoon duties in the kitchen. I know she does that because she likes to comm[...]

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Hello world!

It’s a rainy day in the Caribbean. I’m in Isla Mujeres, a quiet little Island, not too quiet though because Mexicans love music and that stays no matter how far you try to keep away from the crowded places. I just had a nice faked bread vegetarian sandwich, which luckily had enough garlic to go[...]