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It started a few years ago with Seb telling me how cool is this particular brit dude. And me of course ignoring the hole mambo-jambo Seb was telling. And than I saw the amazing Exit through the gift shop (mock)documentary. I will basically not spoil the fun of watching it, but it is a hip must.

On the other hand I didn’t see any of the other documentaries nominated to the Oscars, but this one in particularly made me interested because of the blogs and the controversy around it. I was happy last night seeing Mr. Brainwash on the red carpet and for a while waiting to see if it will be invaded by some Monkey suite dudes. I expected the world promised stunt by Banksy, but I guess that the rumours and gossips were enough for his ego and publicity :p

Now maybe I tend to see this hansom shadow of a brit all over the internet, or he just got a bust comparing with two years ago. For example last October there was a hole Simpson’s generic dedicated to the invading of Springfield by the graffiti virus. Some explanations were made.

And last episode they did it again. Angry Dad won the Oscar’s and Bansky signed the Academy walls.

I feel like I am invaded and becoming really obsessed about the Banksy wave. But even so, he is a phenomena now and everyone with a bit of urban culture should know him, and appreciate the things he did. Now admit it , you need a pair of huge ball to go to west bank and paint a wall

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