Development of thin stone follow into ceramic tile

         With the development of national economy sustained, steady, domestic stone development space will be bigger, stronger. From another aspect, in recent years, the rapid development of ceramic tile industry, quite a part is to imitate the breed of design and color of natural polished marble and granite, and its design and color and luminosity photo-realistic compared with natural stone material, especially when artificial stone series, therefore they largely still occupied the part of the market share of decorative stone materials.

 natural polished marble

         If the thin and ultra-thin stone can rapid develop in our country, which will expand the application scope of stone, for instance can enter the high-level office buildings, commercial center, residential buildings, this will be a very big market.

 It is like a stone slab production in our country before 12 mm to 20 mm of all kinds of natural stone material, while the thickness of the ceramic is commonly 6 mm ~ 12 mm, compared to the same area of natural stone material and ceramic plate, weighing more than 2 ~ 3 times, thus influence the stone decoration bearing problems in high-rise buildings, and that’s why natural stone is long-term cannot enter decorate an important reason of high-rise buildings.

         And because the price of natural stone material and ceramic compared to much higher; And for consumers in developing countries, residential decoration popular consumption level is not high. Make stone plate, the unit under the resource consumption can produce more stone plate, relative to the current domestic level of processing, can reduce the cost, thus enter the ordinary family decoration market. For example, low price marble slab is become more and more popular in ordinary family decoration market, its sales are getting better and better.

         Stone also becomes the focus of more and more people. International market development shows that only strengthening brand awareness, strengthen and improve the product processing technology, development, design, manufacturing, etc., to improve product added value; Only to increase the quality of the product and marketing promotion, to promote the competitiveness of the enterprise visibility and industry as a whole, just can make the industry sustained and healthy development of the also to cope with domestic and international the increasingly severe market competition. And no matter when, the product quality is enterprise in an impregnable position, more long-term development.

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