Thriller of the way to marry him, the strange love

What can we do when we are in a dangerous place? Can do is just be careful, not too outrageous action. But can you think of marrying in a dangerous environment? We from time to time to see someone in the sea to marry or wedding photographs, but did not see someone in the shark around the place to marry, and even this is something we can not imagine. But it was so peculiar, thrilling to marry someone really finished.
In December 2016, a Texas nuclear engineer and his girlfriend with scuba diving to Mexico’s Playa del Carmen Sea, surrounded by sharks, he proposed to his girlfriend, gave her An unforgettable marriage proposal. Though he could not put a replica Amulette De Cartier ring on her girlfriend because he was afraid of the dazzling copy van cleef vintage ring, but still issued a declaration of love, what I thought was drift in the water, the shark circled at my feet, and I was in love do.
This is a strange, thrilling way to marry a special declaration of love, on behalf of a man to let his girlfriend know, even in a dangerous environment to express his share of true love, is really love her, even if The threat of life can not stop this sincere love.

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