Spycam in key holder or car remote control

Scris de in data de 04 February 2017
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As a detective or journalist, do you always want to carry a hidden mini camera with you in order to collect evidence quickly and inconspicuously in case of need? Then this Minivideokamera in the car remote control is just right for you. 4GB internal memory and video in a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels is high technology in miniature. With this Spycam you can even take photo shots. This Spycam is ideal for detectives [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Using Home Security Cameras

Scris de in data de 09 January 2017
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Hello, in this news article we want to talk about the use of security cameras for home, and how to implement these devices help you in many things, mainly for your safety. Home Security Cameras The use of security cameras in different places has helped establishments and offices to identify and catch thieves or intruders and therefore are quite useful when implementing them in strategic places in the houses. Wire or wireless security cameras help [...] Citeşte mai mult »

All About Spy Pen

Scris de in data de 06 January 2017
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We have already commented in other articles of this blog the characteristics, advantages and advances presented by the new models of mini cameras and microphones of small size, which are capable of being hidden under any object, garment or article of concealment reducing the chances of being detected . Well, today is the turn of the hd spy camera pen, a novel device capable of making video or audio recordings depending on the model hidden [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Spy apps for android

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In this news section we’ll talk about some popular android spy apps, if you need to do spy activity, do not settle for just the cameras, use your cell phone too. Spy Apps With these applications you can record video, voice or take photos from your smarthphone without others realizing it. The following applications will allow you to use your cell phone as an effective spy camera Secret Video Recorder This application allows the user [...] Citeşte mai mult »


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Car key ring with spy camera Wiseupshop.com presents you this new key ring with hidden car and hidden spy camera. It is the most advanced and complete model of the market today. It incorporates an undetectable camera in the frontal with 2 infrared invisible for night recording. Thanks to this, this spy product is able to record in places with very low light or practically dark, for example in a car, in a bedroom, company, [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Duration of battery in a spy camera

Scris de in data de 30 December 2016
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Maybe when looking at the datasheet of an electronic product, mainly mobile devices, notes that it has 200mA Li-ion battery, 300mAh, 500mAh or more, but what does that mean? Since what we really care to know is how long will the battery last? In this short article I will explain What are Li-ion batteries? What does capacity mean? And How to calculate the download time? What are Li-ion batteries? A lithium ion battery is a [...] Citeşte mai mult »

DVR with mini button camera, professional basic kit

Scris de in data de 29 December 2016
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There are many combinations of portable recorders with spy cameras that can be found in the market, each with its different performances to fit the work needs of the different professionals. This mini portable spy camera with DVR kit is one of the basic requirements of any security and surveillance worker: it has sufficient performance to accommodate different working environments combined with a discreet appearance and easy operation. The recorder has a 2.5-inch LCD screen, [...] Citeşte mai mult »


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We can not realize that the rate of theft of crimes and dangers against children is increasing steadily to date. In addition to the risks taken as hostages and kidnappings, we must admit that sometimes we can not have the quiet spirit even in your home. In fact, when there is a baby and a child in the house, it is necessary to increase safety especially when sleeping in a room other than the parents. [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Stylish Spy Glasses Full Screen HD Camera

Scris de in data de 24 December 2016
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Nowadays, increasingly fierce commercial competition. Maybe this product can help you. Sometimes you always find the situation that just attending the business meeting. If you have a co-worker accompanying you, you may be able to negotiate with him on the subject at the meeting. At this time, no one can negotiate with you. But if you have a spy camera, you can record the contents of the meeting and no one does not realize it. [...] Citeşte mai mult »

Hello world!

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