My “box of goodies” for 2013

Sometime towards the end of 2012 I read an interesting idea online and then implemented it from the beginning of 2013: I wrote daily notes about my good experiences and collected them in a self-made box that I called “my box of goodies”.

Today I read all these notes and got more than an hour of smiling and reliving happy memories. I’m surprised and thrilled to see that I’ve had so many reasons to be happy, especially during the most difficult year I’ve lived so far:

  • intimate / playful / intellectually stimulating / action-oriented interactions with people I like;
  • getting things done;
  • pampering my senses with fresh and clean smells, lively music, massages and hugs, tasty food, beautiful images;
  • finding new exciting ideas and ways to implement them;
  • letting myself drawn into stories, be they books, theatre, or film;
  • getting and giving help (when it’s wanted and needed by the receiver);
  • expressing myself in a straight forward or in a creative way;
  • seeing something from a new perspective;
  • developing confidence (in myself and others) and receiving others’ trust;
  • getting and giving presents;
  • feeling the joy of loved ones;
  • moments of serendipity;
  • receiving appreciation for my qualities and for my actions, getting rewarded for my work;
  • waking up well rested;
  • recovering from illness;
  • being emotionally touched by others or emotionally touching others;
  • expanding my knowledge and sharing it with others;
  • doing what I feel is right even when it’s uncomfortable;
  • increasingly managing new skills;
  • finding hope or accepting the situation during difficult times;
  • admiring and learning from people who are witty, humorous, creative, deep thinkers, deep feelers, authentic;
  • discovering unexpected inner and outer resources;
  • feeling pretty;
  • cutting myself some slack;
  • taking care of myself, even at the risk of bothering others.

While reading the notes, I noticed a few writing mistakes I’d made and I (almost effortlessly) resisted correcting them – now that’s another reason for me to be happy! :D

What about you? Looking back at 2013, what are you grateful for?

PS: There is research showing that gratitude is related to individual well being and to relationship quality, so I’d encourage anybody to make a habit out of it. If you’re looking for ideas on how to this, here’s an even cooler one.


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